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Other Important Information

Other Important Information for MMH

Vendors We Use:


Because genes influence the way a persons body responds to specific medications, they may not work the same for everyone. Using DNA gathered with a simple cheek swab, GeneSight analyzes a patients genes and provides individualized information to help healthcare providers select medications that better match their patients genes. Multiple clinical studies have shown that when clinicians used GeneSight to help guide treatment decisions, patients were twice as likely to respond to the selected medication.

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Aegis is the vendor whom we use to complete urine drug testing. This helps us provide benefits to patients by:

Verifying and monitoring patient compliance to a treatment plan. Identify potential drug-drug interactions or adverse effects before making changes to the treatment plan. And helps to improve clinical outcomes in populations with a known risk of substance misuse/abuse.

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MMH is now offering B12 injections at the Glen Burnie location.

Benefits of B12:


  • B12 can help improve mood, energy, and concentration.
  • B12 plays a key role in the health of your circulatory system.
  • B12 can improve your sleep patterns/habits.
  • B23 provides a boost to the immune system.

We do not bill through insurance plans for this injection. Please contact Stephanie Wilson, CCMA at 443-354-1200 extension 109 for more information and/or pricing.

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